1. How many cables are needed in my bin?

The number of cables needed is usually based on the thought that a cable will monitor an area of 8-10 ft. radius around the cable. Therefore the number of cables needed to fully monitor a bin is based on its diameter. Tell us the diameter of your bin and we can figure out the optimal number.

2. How much do temperature cables cost?

Every situation is different, but an average would be 3 cents per bushel for one year based on the capacity of the bin.

3. How long does it take to get them once I order?

Usually TSGC can get you your cables within 2 weeks of ordering. If you have special circumstances just give us a call. We do our best to provide you the best service in the industry.

4. What is the difference between “Farm Temp” series and “Commercial” cables?

Farm Temp was originally made for the smaller existing bins where the producer would install the cables themselves. The leadwire was already attached to a composite plug. Commercial cables have an all-weather enclosure for the plugs and the leadwire on the readout plug will have to be spliced to the leadwire with sealant filled crimps provided by TSGC.

5. What is the difference between a “Bin Temp” instrument and a “DTL” instrument?

Both are portable instruments. The Bin Temp displays the temperature of each sensor as a dial is turned manually. Each cable has its own plug. The DTL allow the producer to program each bin with the number of cables and sensors on each cable, so when it tis inserted in each plug it will automatically take the temperatures, and then store them until they can be downloaded on a computer.

6. What is the difference between a temperature cable and a “moisture” cable?

A temperature cable does just that, it monitors the temperature. A “moisture” cable has a temperature sensor as well as a relative humidity sensor; the two readings are then put in a calculation to give a moisture number.

7. How long do cables last?

10-20 years (depending on usage) is not uncommon.

8. Who should I call if my cables or monitor are not working?

Many times your local dealer where you purchased the cable can take care of your concerns. If they cannot then please call 800-438-8367 and our service department will help you.

9. What is the warranty for my cables and monitor?

There is a one year warranty on the cables and the monitor.

10. Do I need extra support for my roof?

You should always consult with your dealer and bin manufacture for their recommendations on roof support packages. If the bin type is unknown, TSGC, Inc. can recommend the number that you may install.

11. Can I upgrade my existing system to the new wireless and/or internet based systems?

Upgrading is very easy and can be done usually at a minimal cost utilizing the same temperature cables presently installed.

12. How cool should I keep my grain?

Most universities indicate in their brochures that deal with grain storage ideal temperatures. In the Midwest grain cooled to 32-40 degrees will store sufficiently over the winter.






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