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Keep Grain Cool During Spring to Avoid Losses

As spring arrives in your area, you may find that it’s suddenly a bigger challenge to keep grain cool in your bins. This is a common problem for many grain producers as the seasons begin to change. Uneven bin temperatures risk your grain going out of condition from...

How the Ukraine War Affects Grain Markets

If there is one thing farmers know, it is to expect the unexpected. So much of farming has historically been out of farmers’ control that agriculture may be the single most adaptable industry in the U.S. From weather events to world politics, the most consistent...

Get Ahead of Tell-tale Signs of Grain Storage Problems

Nothing is as disheartening as going to all the work of planting, growing, and harvesting your crops just to lose them. This is especially true if it was not caused by the unexpected, but rather by poor grain bin management. Farmers lose up to 40% of their grain...

How Often Should You Monitor Grain Seasonally?

Often, when farmers turn their attention to what’s next in the crop cycle, issues from last season pop up. Harvested grain that has been stored may begin to experience quality control problems. That’s why it’s important to monitor grain seasonally to keep it in top...

Tips From an Agronomist: Deciphering Yield Claims

One of the most important skills you need as a farmer is the ability to separate fact from fiction. At least that’s how Purdue University Extension agronomist, Bob Nielson sees it. Companies pitch a variety of products to farmers every year. Selling everything from...

Handheld or Remote Grain Monitoring, Which Is Better?

Grain temperature control has been an integral part of the bottom line for farmers and grain managers over the years. Fortunately, farmers have had the choice between handheld and remote grain monitoring technologies for a while now. Which is right for you? Grain...