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Strengthen Management Strategies for Your Crops

The quiet calm of winter provides the perfect opportunity to strengthen crop management strategies for the upcoming season. To help farmers prepare, the University of Minnesota Extension created the Strategic Farming: Let’s Talk Crops! program. This webinar series...

Core Bins to Remove Grain Fines for Better Storage

How does pulling cores from bins to remove grain fines aid in stored grain health? Well, first let’s look at how we got grain fines in the first place, then how coring grain bins keeps grain healthy. How Grain Fines Get in Your Bins Through the grain harvesting...

How to Reduce Postharvest Grain Loss at the Storage Level

By 2050, the global population is expected to reach ten billion. This boom in population growth requires food production to increase by more than 55 percent compared to 2010’s levels. However, studies have cautioned that farming production will struggle to meet the...

Discover the Simple Secret to Accurate Soil Sampling

Periodic soil sampling is essential to your farm’s bottom line. Conventional wisdom is to take samples every four years. Twelve samples per every 25 to 40-acre area is the sweet spot in nutrient management. You want to sample for phosphorous, potassium, pH, nitrogen...

Grain Storage: What to Do When You Need More

As harvest season ends, it’s time to start making decisions about grain storage. Storage needs will depend on one thing, your yields. Was it an especially fruitful year or did your crops end up underdelivering? The answer to this question may have some farmers...

Sustainably Grown U.S. Soy Label Appeals to Consumers

The state of the environment has been a growing concern for most people in the world. People are alarmed by the effects of climate change and the implication that the situation needs serious human intervention. There is a very real call-to-action by most of the...