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The quiet calm of winter provides the perfect opportunity to strengthen crop management strategies for the upcoming season. To help farmers prepare, the University of Minnesota Extension created the Strategic Farming: Let’s Talk Crops! program. This webinar series aims to help agriculture professionals protect, fortify, and grow their operations.

New episodes air live every Wednesday from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. Central Standard Time from January through March, 2022. Each week, an invited guest gives a brief presentation on the chosen topic. After each presentation, the day’s presenters will answer attendees’ questions during an informal discussion.

This three-month series presents a wide variety of farming topics for attendees to talk about. Topics include farming equipment, cropping issues, soil fertility, pest management, and agronomics.

Here is a quick week-by-week overview of the presenters and topics featured, making it easy to decide which webinars interest you most.

Webinar: Let’s Talk Crop Fertility Adjustments

Wednesday, January 5th

Guest Presenter(s):

  • Dr. Dan Kaiser – Extension Nutrient Management Specialist
  • Brad Carlson – Extension Educator – Water Resources

Discussion: Adapting fertilizer plans to account for abnormally high fertilizer prices and abnormal weather.  

Webinar: Let’s Talk Compaction

Wednesday, January 12th

Guest Presenter(s):

  • Aaron Daigh – North Dakota State University
  • Jodi DeJong-Hughes – Extension Educator – Water Quality

Discussion: How to spot and correct soil compaction.

Webinar: Let’s Talk Corn Grain and Silage Management

Wednesday, January 19th

Guest Presenter(s):

  • Dr. Joe Lauer – UW-Madison, Corn Agronomist
  • Luiz Ferraretto – UW-Madison, Ruminant Nutritionalist

Discussion: Comparing and contrasting the best ways to manage corn that is expected to be used for livestock feed.

Webinar: Let’s Talk about Sulfur

Wednesday, January 26th

Guest Presenter(s):

  • Dr. Dan Kaiser – Extension Nutrient Management Specialist
  • Jeff Vetsch – Soil Scientist

Discussion: Discussion on the new findings regarding sulfur fertilizer and sulfur fertility in general.

Webinar: Let’s Talk Weed Management

Wednesday, February 2nd

Guest Presenter(s):

  • Dr. Debalin Sarangi – Extension Weed Scientist
  • Dave Nicolai – Extension Educator – Crops

Discussion: Best weed management practices now and in the coming years.

Webinar: Let’s Talk Cover Crops

Wednesday, February 9th

Guest Presenter(s):

  • Dr. Anna Cates – State Soil Health Specialist
  • Dr. Axel Garcia y Garcia – Sustainable Cropping System Specialist

Discussion:  Timing cover crops and the potential impact cover crops have on your farming operation.

Webinar: Let’s Talk Tar Spot of Corn

Wednesday, February 16th

Guest Presenter(s):

  • Dr. Dean Malvick – Extension Plant Pathologist
  • Dr. Nathan Kleczewski – Plant Pathologist at GROWMARK Inc.

Discussion: Summarizing the tar spot corn problem of 2021 and the ways to manage the tar spot problem in 2022.

Webinar: Let’s Talk Small Grains

Wednesday, February 23rd

Guest Presenter(s):

  • Dr. Jochum Wiersma – Extension Small Grain Specialist
  • Dr. Jared Goplen – Extension Educator – Crops

Discussion: Addressing production agronomics, the economics of small grain production, and variety selection.  

Webinar: Let’s Talk Drought Effects on Insect Pest Pressure

Wednesday, March 2nd

Guest Presenter(s):

  • Dr. Ian MacRae – Extension Entomologist
  • Bruce Potter – Extension IPM Specialist

Discussion: How the drought of 2021 is expected to affect the insect pest pressure in the new year.  

Webinar: Let’s Talk Corn Insects

Wednesday, March 9th

Guest Presenter(s):

  • Bruce Potter – Extension IPM Specialist
  • Dr. Anthony Hanson – Extension Educator – Crops

Discussion: How will the insect issues of 2021 affect 2022

Webinar: Let’s Talk Storing C in Production AG Systems

Wednesday, March 16th

Guest Presenter(s):

  • Dr. Anna Cates – State Soil Health Specialist
  • Jodi DeJong-Hughes – Extension Educator – Water Quality

Discussion: Exploring how much carbon can be stored in our carbon systems and which practices will have the most impact.  

Topic: Let’s Talk Biocontrol to Manage Pests

Wednesday, March 23rd

Guest Presenter(s):

  • Dr. George Heimpel – UMN Entomologist
  • Dr. Anthony Hanson – Extension Educator – Crops

Discussion: Learn which organisms in your fields can help you manage pests.

Topic: Let’s Talk Taming Nutrient Management Costs

Wednesday, March 30th

Guest Presenter(s):

  • Dave Nicolai – Extension Educator – Crops
  • Extension Nutrient Management Specialists

Discussion: Discussion about taming soil input and fertilizer costs and looking ahead in 2022.

Wrapping Up – Let’s Talk Crops!

That wraps up the Let’s Talk Crops! schedule for the 2022 winter season. Each webinar is presented over Zoom which can be accessed via a phone, tablet, or computer. Just make sure you download the app on whatever device you choose to listen first.

To get access to each live webinar, make sure you register online through the University of Minnesota Extension website. Can’t make it to the live sessions? Fear not, each episode is uploaded on their website after they air.

Let’s Talk Crops! has been a webinar series since 2020 with five episodes; 2021 provided twelve more episodes. We encourage you to listen to past episodes to get answers to some of your most burning questions.

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